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A little bit about A Lover's Guide

A Lover's Guide see themselves as fighters of the good fight. We are here to protect and represent the authentic voice of the streets. We are proud to bring you top quality design books, dripping with love and hard won facts on various aspects of popular culture.

The man behind A.L.G, Neal Heard, is a brand consultant who is also the Author of 'Trainers' (Sneakers in the U.S) - First published in 2003, it was the first and most iconic book on Trainer/Sneaker culture and history. Where that book lead, many followed.

Cutting his teeth as a Trainers fan on the 1980's Football Terraces, Neal had been lucky enough to spend much of the 1990's searching dusty stock rooms from Newport to New York looking for dead-stock rare vintage Trainers. 

He has now also turned his vast knowledge and attention to another under-looked section of popular culture: Football Shirts or Soccer Jerseys, with the Release of 'A Lover's Guide to Football Shirts' - an 130 page A4 size book packed with over 130 rare shirts and over 300 images.
Spanning chapters from the Iconic, to the beautiful to exploring the links between shirts and aspects of popular culture like music and fashion as well as politics.

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  • Neal Heard, as well as being a consultant with major fashion and sports brands is also:

  • The author of 'Trainers' by Carlton Books 1st published in 2003.
  • The author of A Lover's Guide to Football Shirts, (publishing June 2016)
  • Contact me on social media or go straight to nealheard@hotmail.com